How To Create Your Own 5*5 Lace Wig Closure


The one thing you will need to learn when you finally start making wigs is how to make your closure. Often, people make the mistake of creating poorly made closures, which affects the entire wig. The 5×5 lace closure wig is a great way to close up your wig, and you should try it. If you are stuck on making a wig closure, some pointers will help.

Measure the head

Before you get started on anything else, ensure you get the measurement for your head. If you are working on a wig for a friend, ensure you measure them as well since store-bought wigs might come in a standard size, and they often have issues with fitting. Your homemade wig should be made to fit. That way, you are sure you got everything right. Once you have your head measured, you can go on to the next step.

1. Get the lace for the wig closure

Once you are done with the measurements, get your lace. You can choose to go for the costly transparent lace if you have the money. For the better part, the HD lace works just as well. Create a mold shape of your head and put it on the wig block. It will act as a guide for you when cutting and securing the lace and wig cap. Ensure the lace you get matches your skin tone, or you could bleach it.

2. Attach wig cap and lace

Attach the wig cap and lace and create the opening. If you are working on the 5*5 closure, ensure you leave some extra room for cutting it once done. Take your time with this step and ensure everything lays flat. If you mess anything up at this point, then you will have to start all over, which can be frustrating. Take your time and adjust the cap accordingly. You might need to move it around a couple of times, but it will be worth it in the end.

3. Work on your wig closure and wig

Start working on your wig once you are done attaching the lace closure. Get the hair and figure out how much coverage you want. You should work on a section at a time. That way, everything will be uniform, and you will not miss out on anything. Ensure you use the same amount of hair for every area you work on, as that is what will ensure that your wig does not get weighed down. It will take a few tries for you to get the tension and amount of hair right finally, but it will be worth it in the end.

4. Style up your wig

Once that is all done, all that is left is for you to create a nice hairstyle. You can curl up the air or give it a nice chop to even things out. Whatever styling options you had in mind, this is the best time to execute it. Style your wig, and you are good to go.

Last words

Making your wig with closure is the best way to get a wig that will work for you. The pointers above will guide you on what you need to do, so follow them, and you will have yourself a great wig in no time.


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