Foam Cannon Working By Giraffetools Website


The website is here to assist you in pressure washing your surroundings equipped with foam cannons.

The dense, white, shaving cream-like foam shown on cars in images has made you question, “How precisely do they achieve that?” A foam cannon holds the key. Using the energy of a pressure washer, foam cannon creates thick suds by mixing the right combination of soap, water, & air to create the correct amount of suds.

The energy of a pressure cleaner cannot be overstated. Pumps powered by smaller electric or gas engines pull water from your orchard hose and send it at incredible pressures into the air. While they are useful for a wide variety of tasks, they are best used with an attached foam cannon to create a winter wonderland in any driveway.

Soaking your car in dense foaming suds lubricates the surface, preventing your wash mitt from creating swirls or abrasions. Pressure washers can be powered by gas or electricity, but we have had the most success with gas-powered models. If you are anything like us, you will never be able to get enough suds, so go for the louder, more cumbersome, bigger, and more expensive models. The following is how it performs:


You can use foam cannon to create a lather by adding soap & water to the canister. The aerated mixture works better when the water is warm, therefore we always use that. To reassemble the foam cannon, connect the canister to its head.

Simply reattach the foam cannon canister to your pressure cleaner wand, and start spraying! “It is possible to change the amount of foam produced by foam cannon to suit your personal preferences. There is a setting for everyone, from the soiled off-roader to the delicate no-touch wash!

We prefer to start by slathering on a thick coating of suds and then rinsing it off before we get started. It is as simple as applying a layer of foam, allowing it to sit for a few minutes, & allowing gravity to do the rest. As if by magic, watch as the grime and grit wash right off your car. After that, we will just use water to clean our vehicle. To reduce the likelihood of mounting wash-induced scratches & swirls, use this easy procedure.


Now, it is time for the exciting part: re-foaming your vehicle! Once more, cover your car with a dense coating of super-thick car wash foam. Even if you do not want to, you can still play it! Using a wash mitt to remove the residual dirt and debris is a good idea. Using the two-bucket procedure can prevent you from getting swirls & scratches even more. To learn more about the “two bucket method,” which may be new to you, make sure to check out this article.


Make careful to spray your car again after cleaning to remove the leftover dirt & bubbles from your vehicle. To finish, use a soft towel to pat your car dry, just like you would after a regular wash. We have a passion for using the most cutting-edge technology to achieve the greatest results. That is why we use a foam cannon & a pressure washer to wash our cars. Washing your car with foam not only makes it more fun but also helps keep it free of swirls & scratches. So, your car will always look its finest.


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