For the Love of Predators: The Best Predator Helmets


Living in a world where people tend to ignore essential safety guidelines calls for acute safety measures. The transport sector, for instance, has been one death threat on roads because of careless driving and failure to adhere to traffic laws. Motorcyclists are to wear helmets for their protection at all times.

However, only a few stick to this rule. Since traffic police plans seem not to be changing this behaviour, a predator helmet is designed to break the rules. These come with unique, interesting and fan fiction designs that include thick locks, colorful ponytail braids, ironman vintage designs, and hair horns!

Other additional features on these types of helmets include:

  • Iron warriors from the famous fiction movie
  • LED strip light decorated helmet
  • Space futuristic helmet designs
  • Bluetooth touch effect enabled designs
  • Alien predator designs

Predators take their helmet game very seriously. The game-changer in design and artwork is useful for getting more riders aboard the safety rule without compromising their design and structure.

The Benefits of Riding with a Predator Helmet on Your Head

The Predator is one of the most advanced helmets on the market. It’s safe, stylish, and has all of the features you want in an expensive helmet.

Benefits of wearing a Predator motorcycle helmet include:

  • The outside shell is made from durable fibreglass to keep your head safe in any collision.
  • The visor has an anti-scratch polycarbonate to protect your eyes and face from flying debris.
  • There are nine vents for maximum ventilation, so you won’t get too hot while you ride.
  • There’s a fully adjustable chin strap for comfort.

The History of the Predator Helmet and Why They’re So Popular Today

Helmets are a type of protective gear worn on the head to protect the wearer’s head from injuries. These helmets trace back to medieval times when the protective gear was made of iron and covered only the top of the head.

During that time, helmets were mostly used by knights in battle. These offered protection against swords, lances, arrows etc., but not much else.

During WWII, steel became more accessible, and helmets started to offer more protection, with some even having a built-in face guard for additional safety. The advancement in helmet technology has continued to this day with technological advancements in ballistic materials and composite construction, making them lighter and more comfortable while offering increased protection against both blunt trauma and penetrating trauma.

2022s Best Predator Helmets

Predator helmets are the best when it comes to safety. They are designed so that the wearer is protected from all kinds of accidents, including incidents like fire or blasts. The helmets are also designed to be stylish, so they don’t look like the standard protective headgear. They include:

Full Face Moto Built-in Bluetooth

Don’t waste your time under the sun to get a phone call – with these Bluetooth helmets, you’ll be able to take calls and listen to music right on the go or use it as a Bluetooth speakerphone. It has high-quality sensors and a variable visor for protection and comfortability. The DIGIT helmet also features variable venting and a built-in IR camera for night visibility. Explore the world of motorcycle safety and convenience today with this helmet.

Predator Alien Sports Helmet

The Predator motorcycle helmet with alien design is one of the coolest full helmets on the market and is a must for any motorcyclist. Everyone knows and loves this helmet’s signature Predator and Alien graphic. It comes equipped with a double D-Ring fastener to ensure a secure and snug fit for all wearers.

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