Types Of Skincare Formulas Used By Private Label Companies


Private label companies create for you products to sell under your brand name. They are a third party that you leave everything to and focus on other things involving your business. An example of such a company is Ariel Cosmetics, which does the production, formulation, and testing for you, and all you do is decide on the logo. These companies use different formulas to develop skincare products based on the available ingredients. Each formula is unique and has its advantages and disadvantages. This article discusses the types of skincare formulas used by private label companies.

Types of formulas used in private label skincare products

There are two main kinds of formulas; stock and custom formulas. The kind of formulation you pick depends on how your business model is set up. Also, the amount of money you are willing to spend and the time influence your choice.

Stock skincare formulas

It is the best choice for business owners with no idea or history of working with chemicals. All they know and have is the idea of starting their skincare brand. The stock formulation is where the manufacturer uses already existing formulas to create the products. Select from the multiple options available as they can be more than 10000. Basically, the product is ready, and all you do is sell it under your name or brand.

The stock skincare formulas are created with the help of the manufacturer’s team, where they research and come up with safe and trendy products for the market. The supplier owns the patent and ensures everything is FDA approved. As a buyer, you don’t stress over some processes as they are already done for you.

The stock formulation is cost-friendly as the manufacturer has done most of the work. You can direct most of the money to your business’s marketing, management, and sales areas. The products contain marketable ingredients and are high-quality. One significant downside is another private label company may use the exact formula meaning the uniqueness is limited.

Custom skincare formulas

The skincare formulas are suitable for those who have researched and decided on the ingredients they want in their products. Such people are not satisfied with the pre-existing stock formulas, so they customize them. Suppliers develop custom formula products for specific customers willing to pay for the quality and originality. Unlike stock formulation, this one is quite involving. Your preferred formula will be tested multiple times for safety and efficiency reasons. Any customization process takes time, so patience is necessary. The procedure is ideal when you have a lot of time to spare as it may last for months.

The process is expensive due to the unique ingredients and testing required. Also, the formula may go through several alterations before the final one is made. The skincare products created are exclusive and personalized for you and the customers.


The formula you choose has direct effects on your business. Develop a business model before approaching the manufacturer. Note the amount of money you want to append and the time frame given you need to sell and make profits. If you have the resources, go for custom formulation. However, the stock formulation is also suitable when starting out as you can still achieve your business goals.


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