What Is the Distinction Between an IPTV Box and a TV box powered by Android?


With far too many set-top devices in the industry, you may be unsure which one is the right alternative when deciding to move from cable to a set-top box. One may also become perplexed by words such as IPTV box and Android TV box.

In reality, the two most common types of set-top tv boxes are android tv box with iptv boxes coming right after. To be honest, they are remarkably similar with a few minor changes. Let’s look at their differences and assist you to determine which path to choose.

What exactly is an IPTV box?

IPTV is an abbreviation for “Internet Protocol Television.” This is a gadget that converts the signal from your Online connection into a type that your tv can understand. It usually has a TV antenna connection, external signal sources, and a screen output to your tv screen.

In another word, an IPTV STB allows your television to get video material from certain sources. You might also be wondering just what is the difference between streaming material from Netflix or Hulu and an IPTV device. Certainly, you may unrestrictedly access YouTube and Netflix streaming services. However, an IPTV box will allow you to have access to certain IPTV streaming platforms, some of which may be charged and others are free.

Pros of IPTV Set-Top-Boxes

  • Can also be used on any television model;
  • 6K resolution is supported.
  • Firmware updates make it simple to upgrade;
  • Less prone to become obsolete;

Cons of IPTV Set-Top-Box

  • More costly than Android boxes and more difficult to repair;
  • The majority of them are unable to install apps.
  • Generally, less adaptable than Android TV boxes;
  • Restriction based on IPTV service;

What exactly is a TV box powered by Android?

A TV box powered by Android is considerably simpler to understand than the IPTV set-top box. It’s usually an Android gadget, similar to your smartphone. The Android APP store allows users to add a wide range of apps. This Android TV box is far more adaptable than the IPTV box. Aside from viewing TV shows, you may use them to participate in activities, listen to music, view streaming video, and so on. It’s similar to an Android tablet, except it’s displayed on your Tv. Interestingly, the Android TV box is frequently less expensive than the IPTV box and smart TV.

Pros of a TV box powered by Android

  • More affordable than the majority of IPTV boxes
  • Extra adaptable versus IPTV boxes
  • The APP Store provides access to a wide range of apps.
  • Excellent for games
  • It does a good job with IPTV streaming.

Cons of TV box powered by Android

  • When streaming, it is dependent on IPTV service applications.
  • Less accessible;

What exactly is a certified Android TV?

Android TV is a real thing. It’s a trademark of Google. The company initially introduced Android TV in 2014. And since then, several firms have exploited it to sell products straight to the audience.

Simply said, Android TV is a Google product that has been optimized for use on televisions. It also includes a slew of features that you won’t find anywhere else. To mention a few, there is a dedicated Android TV home screen, Google Assistant built-in, and picture-in-picture (PiP).


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