How to Adjust the Arms Length in Your Eyeglasses


Common problems with arms-length in eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are very important for people who need them for vision correction. Despite being an important day-to-day gadget, eyeglasses can also be a fashion accessory. However, there are also some problems and disadvantages with eyeglass cheap online. Here is a short guide about what are unique and common problems with arms-length in eyeglasses.

  1. Uncomfortable: The arm length of the glasses is too long or too short, causing the feeling of discomfort when wearing glasses;
  2. Difficulty in wearing: If the arm length is too long, it will be difficult to wear the glasses; if it is too short, it will be easy to fall off;
  3. Poor appearance: If the arm length is too long or too short, it will affect the appearance of the wearer’s face shape and make them look ugly;

How to Choose Fitting Eyeglasses

Arm length is measured from the tip of your nose to your earlobe. If you are wearing a pair of glasses that isn’t aligned with your face properly, it may appear crooked or tilted to one side. If you have an uneven or asymmetrical face shape, then it is important to have your glasses fitted by an optician so they will fit properly and look natural on your face.

It’s also worth checking if there are any common problems with arms-length in eyeglasses that could affect your vision or comfort level:

If it is too long, you will be able to see the end of the ear stem when you look down. If it is too short, then your glasses will fall off.

The ideal arm length is usually within one centimeter of your nose tip to where your ear meets your head. This ensures that when you look down, there are no parts of the glasses visible.

The most common problem with eyeglasses is getting them too short for their frame size so that when you look down, all or most of the frame shows in front of your eye. This can be fixed by getting new lenses or having them adjusted by a professional optician.

How to Adjust the Arms Length in Your Eyeglasses

The arms of your glasses will bend and conform with time. If you need to adjust the arms-length, follow these steps:

  1. Remove your glasses from your face.
  2. Take both arms and bend them out at the joint closest to your ears.
  3. Adjust each arm until you feel that they are perfectly straight and not bending in any direction.
  4. Look down at the glasses and make sure that the nose pad is in its proper place on your nose before continuing.
  5. Bend each arm back into position and place them back on your face so that they rest comfortably on each side of your head without pinching or pulling uncomfortably against the tops of your ears or behind them (the earpieces should lie flat against the side of your head).


The differences in eyeglasses lengths can affect your whole appearance because they will change the way your face looks. Letting an optician make the lengths for you is the best thing you can do to keep yourself looking great. Eyeglasses adjusted by opticians will give you the most comfort, the best vision, and eye health protection. Let your optician have a try!

So, if you need your glasses adjusted, head over to your eye doctor instead. They’ll be able to adjust your glasses for you so you don’t experience any headaches, neck pain, or other negative side effects.

Prolonged, unnecessary adjustments that take place without adjustments will result in the eventual weakening of an important part of the glasses—the arms—and can negatively affect both the function and appearance of your glasses.


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